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We present the latest trends, ideas and products for your personal design. Choose your favourites from completely different style world and allow yourself to be inspired. To make sure that you can remain true to your favourite style, we’ll keep you up to date ,  In this way, you’ll be able to live (and bathe) in the most stylish surroundings – your own!


We invite you to be your own designer.

Various sizes of bathtubs, shower trays, toilets, bidets, wash basins, furniture basins, washbowls and vanity basins, with optionally matching syphon cover, pedestal or vanity unit, as wall-mounted or floor standing version with chrome feet – all products are perfectly tuned with one another. And underline every character. Especially yours.


Wellness Products

“Soak. Relax. Unwind. Rejuvenate.”

With Hygree’s Wellness Products, you give yourself a fulfilling experience that is much more than just a product - be it a Steam Cabin, a Massage Bathtub or a fully-customised Steam Room...


Glass Partitions

“A bathroom is the one place for the most creative thoughts”

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to have a clean and maintenance-free bathroom. For this, keeping the shower area separate from the dry area of the bathroom is vital.


Rest Rooms

“A great bathroom is a guaranteed great start to your day”

The outlook of a commercial space is rapidly changing, with ultra-modern, contemporary designs becoming the norm. Every commercial building, be it a mall...


Sanitary Ware

“A bath is to the body what laughter is to the soul”

Hygree brings to you the latest collections of wash basins, water closets (toilets), and basin cabinets, crafted intricately to combine sleek design with utmost utility...


Faucets Accessories

“Happiness is a nice, long, hot shower”

A famous saying goes “Showers are great. They make you feel nice & clean, you sound like a professional singer, and they also help you make all of life’s decisions”.



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